Integrative Chef and Food Coach in

San Diego, California for everyone!

Healthy Kitchen for Healthy Living

From the Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine to the kitchens of Rancho La Puerta, Chef Palma designs a food program specifically for you.

Learn to Nourish Yourself Deliciously at your home program will be a highly personal, creative, wholesome and hands-on food coaching to address your specific health needs and tastes, for you and your loved ones.


New!!! Vegetarian Cooking Classes for Adults

Morning and Evening


SDGE Innovation Center: please let me know  if you would like to receive recipes from the demonstration cooking class with the Clairmont Produce Cooperative

For Young Chefs Summer Camps now open for enrollment.


Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine Vegetarian Cooking School 

Every Wednesday Chef Palma will show you how to prepare healthy recipes, which emphasize whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables and lean proteins.